Maria CPA Adserver

Maria CPA Adserver is an ad management script with Pay per Action option. It is created using PHP and MySQL.

It is a web platform to start an advertiser-publisher network like Google AdWords/AdSense, Bidvertiser, Media Net etc. It supports Pay(Cost)-Per-Action (PPA or CPA) format for advertisers as well as customized ad display codes for publishers.

The Main features of the Maria CPA Adserver are

  • You can earn from your ad network for every action done on ad (sale,subscription,download etc.)
  • Different Ad Display formats like
    • Text ad
    • Banner ad
    • Text+image ad
  •  Ad Configurations like
    • Configurable ad default status
    • Configurable ad rotation settings
    • Configurable minimum rates
    • Configure default ads
  • User Account
    • Advertiser only option
    • Publisher only option
    • User approval by admin
  •  Editable Ad Blocks and Codes
    • Set banner dimensions
    • Set ad display blocks
    • Generate ad codes based on ad blocks
    • Flexible ad codes
  •  Extra Features
    • SEO pages and urls
    • Lifetime license
    • Runs on YOUR web server
    • No monthly fees
    • One Year FREE Updates and Support
  • Different Site Configurations like
    • Configure minimum bid rate for CPA ads
    • Configure conversion tracking time interval
    • Configure different publisher profit percentage for CPA ads
    • Configure javascript timeout before counting CPA ad impression
    • Detailed CPA statistics
  • Different Ad Targeting options like
    • Category target
    • Device target
    • Keyword target
    • Country target
  • Site Settings
    • Editable site meta data
    • Configurable system name
    • Multi language settings
    • Date, time, number, currency format settings
    • Editable email templates
    • Social profile settings
    • SMTP and PHP mail sending options
  •  Reports
    • User based reports
    • Time based reports
    • Ad based reports
    • Adcode based reports
    • Payment reports
    • Withdrawal reports


For the Basic Users


One time Payment

Cost Per Action

Unlimited Users

Text Ads

Banner Ads

Action Tracking

Custom Withdrawal Option

Device , Country Targeting 

Category Targeting

PayPal, 2co, Bank, Check Payments



For the Advanced Users


One Time Payment

All Features of Lite Version


Text+Image Ads

Sticky Ads


Time Targeting

Browser Targeting

Skrill Payment 

Stripe Payment


All Features are Available


One Time Payment

All Features of Premium Version



Skin Ads

Responsive Ads

Interstitial Ads

Expandable Ads

Referral System

Sub Admin Account

Email Newsletter


  • Requirements
    • Server with LAMP or WAMP installed (with cpanel is preferred)
    • PHP 7.2 or higher
    • Ioncube Installed
    • fopen Support
    • cURL Support
    • output_buffering
    • mbstring()
    • mail() function
    • cron job
    • GD Support
    • GZ Support